About us!

Originally planned for 2020, Pride started with the aim of bringing together powys lGBTQIA+ community and celebrating and cementing our place in Powys!

Who are we?

Powys Pride is a collection of Trustee’s and volunteers who want to make sure that every LGBTQIA+ person in Powys feels welcome and supported by the community!

Yay! We’re always looking for new friends! Drop us a line at Powyspride@gmail.com and we’ll get in touch!

Well. We are a small, unfunded charity and as much as we would love to travel the county and support you all face to face there is only so much we can do! Once we are more well established we hope to get all over Powys!

Right now we are focused on getting ourselves set up as a charity, which means we can’t focus on putting another Powys Pride on just yet! However we will have smaller community focused events on as soon as we can – check out our facebook for more info!

Have something to say?

If you’d like to volunteer at an event, help us plan our Pride 2024 or just let us know how you feel – fling us an email on powyspride@gmail.com and we’ll get in touch!